Pat is an accomplished artist in many areas. She likes to create individual designs with quality materials. Her prices are fantastic because you are buying directly from the artist. Her jewelry is for those who want to stand apart, understand quality and appreciate art and craftsmanship.

Whistle Stop Studio

   Living in Western Colorado on high desert with the red rock of the Colorado National Monument on the South horizon,the Grand Mesa and book cliffs running from East to West on our North side, and the (almost always) clear desert-blue sky overhead I have plenty of inspiration for art work. Most of my jewelry is a reflection of where I live and the colors that surround me from day to day. My life's work has been outside, training horses and riders, so every day I live close to the color.  I've come to love the gemstones that express the feeling of desert, rocky cliffs and plateaus, mountains and rivers. I love the warmth of Copper and the cooling breezes expressed by Silver.
Now  I'm inside more I have  time to express my life in my jewelry, and my painting. This is what you see in my store.

 On my site you’ll see a little of everything. I bead, I paint, I work with pastel, I pound metal.  My art is sort of like my cooking.  I often tell my husband when I put his dinner in front of him, “If you like it, enjoy it.  It may never happen again. If you don’t like it, don’t worry.  It may never happen again.”

 I've taken on a new project!  Oh, I'm still doing the metal-bead-leather-etc. jewelry and painting portraits. But I have just started making Floorcloths! It started as something to keep the floor clean under my easel, progressed to a wedding gift, and now I have orders...and I'm having fun.  Check out my section on Floorcloths. I know it's weak at this time, but I will have more progress to show as I finish things.

Pat Buchanan

About The Artist